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Icon challenge for gamers.


Welcome! This community offers an icon challenge for you: create 100 icons based around your favorite video game. Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, PC or any other format. The love of games are celebrated here.  

It‘s simple really. Join the community. Then submit a claim and you‘ll get posting access.  The challenge is to make 100 icons in three months. 50 are based around themes and the others are artist's choice. Show your gamer love!

Choose any game or character on any platform and start making those icons.  The only rule is that, if you choose a game, all 100 icons must come from a single game.  50 icons from Twilight Princess and 50 from Wind Waker isn't going to work, sorry.  But, if you picked Link, feel free to use any Zelda game or Smash Bros. game.

If you are stuck finding caps, try ign.com or the game's official site. It might help you. :)

You can post small batches to the community, but no less than 10 icons per post. Teasers are great too, but no more than 3 icons. Also, be sure to include the following information in each post.

Rating: (The game’s rating)
Notes: (if any)

When all 100 are completed, be sure to drop a post in the hall of fame so you can get your nice, shiny banner.